October 2018 PMI Project Showcase

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2018  
5:40pm to 6:30pm    

Topic: Leading with Authenticity
Presenter: Dr. Clara B. Lee (DM, PMP, CPC) COO of World Services LLC
Presenter Website: www.world-servicesllc.com


Presentation Summary:

Leading with Authenticity provides a high-level Introduction and Overview of what it means to lead with a deep sense of purpose and the highest integrity. The audience will gain an understanding of the differences between leading and leading with authenticity. Dr. Lee will discuss what it took to lead successfully 10 years ago and what is required today--people in today's organizations want their leaders to be authentic and seldom give their loyalty to those who are not. Dr. Lee will challenge participants to review their past experiences with leading in order to learn from them. Authentic leaders are needed to run today's organizations...leaders who create healthy organizations that last for generations and attract the very best people.

Learning Outcomes:

• Understand the true qualities of authentic leaders
• Understand the personal behaviors that contribute to leading successfully and authentically

• Learn how to recognize and avoid destructive behavior that causes leaders to lose their way

• Understand how leaders can stay true to personal values when there are pressures to compromise

• Understand how to build lasting organizations, motivate employees to provide outstanding customer service, and create long-term value for partners/investors

(0.75 PDU awarded –Leadership)


Presenter Bio:

Dr. Clara B. Lee is a senior executive with over 30 years’ experience supporting multimillion-dollar programs. Her background includes managing 50+ member teams in support of Department of Defense (DoD), federal civilian, and non-profit initiatives. She possesses the unique ability to bridge the gap between business and technical perspectives, and utilize best practice leadership strategies to propel individuals and teams to peak levels of performance. Dr. Lee has a strong track record of client engagement and development of actionable recommendations that drive organizational change and improve operating results.
Dr. Lee is a subject matter expert on leadership strategies and has presented to the PMIWDC chapter as well as to corporations and local government groups.

Location: Normandie Farm Potomac MD
Showcase Attendees: 32
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