Wednesday, March 7th, 2018 at Normandie Farm Restaurant, Potomac, MD

Topic: "Montgomery County Snow Planning & Response: A Project Overview" 

Presenter: Mr. Reza Zarif
Presentation Abstract:  (worth 1 PDU – Talent Triangle – Technical Project Management)

Presentation Abstract: With the annual winter weather, do you even wonder how all of the salt and sand trucks are scheduled and the exact volume needed is calculated? How about the order of precedent in streets being cleared? If you have wondered these questions, this presentation is for you! 

Winter storms have a huge social economic impact on all Maryland regions.  In 2011 and 2012 Montgomery County Department of Transportation (MCDOT) developed a Storm Management Operations Map a Navigation Guided Plow; both Projects were recognized by National  Association of Counties (NACo).  MCDOT initiated a new project in August 2016 to develop a new robust Snow Management Application  known as SnowIQ. It’s an integrated initiative that combines contemporary AVL technology with metrics technology, navigation technology, and surface mapping technology - all delivered through an  application that runs on everyday handheld devices and available to the public, free of charge. 

SnowIQ is a holistic snow management system that serves two vital functions; internal for robust resource management and external for providing real-time storm clean-up information to the public. Internally, SnowIQ provides for robust resource management functionality (personnel, equipment,  contractors, and materials) while simultaneously providing an external array of real-time information to the public to make informed travel decisions in the midst of disruptive winter storms. 

The core functionalities of SnowIQ core are built to leverage and operate on a cloud platform, Microsoft Azure and run on any Android or iOS platform regardless of the device manufacturer or cellular carrier. This enables county personnel, private contractors assisting in the clean-up effort, and residents alike to simultaneously access information with practically any everyday handheld device. The tight schedule was met and the initiative was launched in December 2016. The project received NACO award. 

Presenter Bio: Mr. Zarif currently works as a Senior Program Manager for Montgomery County's Software Development Division. He has developed systems for the County such as the Snow Management System 'Snow IQ'. His 25 years of software development experience have made him an expert within the County. 

LocationNormandie Farm, 10710 Falls Road, Potomac MD 20854

Featured Presentation Attendees: 62            Project Showcase Attendees: 29

Montgomery County Winter Weather Planning & Snow IQ Software Development
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